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The Whales

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? Join us on this spectacular Fjord Cruise where we will search the beautiful Norwegian Fjords for one of the largest mammals in the world!
From Late October to mid-February many pods of whales visit the Fjords outside Nordreisa, Skjervøy and Lyngen to feed on great shoals of herring. These conditions offer the best opportunity to get a close-up view of these majestic sea-dwelling mammals. The most common species of whale we can see is the Humpback whale, Killer whale (Orca) and even the Fin whale sometimes. In addition to the large whales, the smaller porpoise is also known to make an appearance.
This tour comes highly recommended and is an absolutely “must do” while visiting the Tromsø area.
Why choose our Whale Safari?
We perform Whale Safari in what we believe to be the best way possible! By using a medium sized boat with good space arrangement, we can get very close to the gentle giants, without disturbing their feeding.
And while we are searching for feeding whales, you will be comfortable aboard our boat “Constance”. She carries twelve people, has comfortable seating inside where hot food and beverages can be enjoyed, windows for viewing, room temperature cabin, and toilet facilities are available if needed. Outside and around the boat are viewing decks, which lets you experience the ocean up close. This is a really enjoyable tour and will most likely make you memories to cherish for life.
Tour Details
Daily tours from Tromsø city, Lyngen and Nordreisa area!
We depart from the point closest to the last whale observation. Departure can vary from Skjervøy Harbour, Nordreisa Harbour or Oksfjord Harbour. We provide the necessary transport and logistics, in order to ensure you get a smooth and time efficient experience.
Duration: Approximately 4 Hours
Transport to Sørkjosen harbour is available, see options during booking.
Departure: 09.00, expected to return around 13.00.
Price: 1995,- NOK
Food order: available
Difficulity level: Easy, family friendly
Minimum 4 persons or 8000.- NOK (If you are 1-3 people, contact us and we will plan for you to join another group)

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THE SALMON RIVERS OF NORWAY’S FINNMARK region, in the northeastern corner of the country, are some of the most beautiful anywhere in the world. And these stunningly beautiful streams also play host to some of the biggest Atlantic salmon on the planet. The fabled Alta and its impossibly spectacular canyon, high in the Arctic Circle, are the stuff of salmon-fishing fantasy: titanic silver beasts of a size that no other river on earth can boast of. But, let’s face it, most of us will never get to fish this river of dreams—regular Alta rods include shipping magnates, stratospherically successful hedge fund managers and assorted members of the English and Norwegian nobility, most notably the King of Norway himself. In short, it is the angling playground of the super-rich and the ultra-privileged and is almost absurdly exclusive. However, not to despair. A bit to the west of the Alta, another river tumbles its own way down to the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. That river is the Alta’s little sister— the Reisa. Its valley, while lacking the Alta’s spectacular grandeur, is every bit as beautiful, and has its own rugged, sheer-sided canyon at its head, which is an enchanted, magical place. Vast granite ramparts tower over the fledgling upper river as it rushes down out of the mountains, while the middle reaches are bordered by countless fairy-tale waterfalls, each of them wreathed in spray and shot through with rainbows. In the high Arctic summer wild flowers garland the forest floor, and silver birch are thick with lush emerald green. Golden eagles and buzzards soar high above the vast massifs, and moose saunter casually through the trees that line the river.