Kristoffer has grown up fishing on the Reisa river and has caught many good salmon but what separates him from the many other good local fisherman is his passion for helping others. Kristoffer is a fantastic caster and is always happy to try and pass on his knowledge, it is his casting and increased guiding prowess that has earned him a place on the Fly fish Europe guiding scheme further increasing his confidence and desire to do a good job. He has a fantastic grasp of the English language and a great sense of humour so a day on the river with him will be one of laughs and learning and of cause hopefully the fish of a lifetime.


Chris Hugo was born and raised on Svartfoss in Reisadalen, and you can in many ways say that he was raised through the Vangen family to become a Reisa guide. He has learned the profession from a young age, and is known in the local community for his boating skills in the sometimes demanding Reisaelva. Chris Hugo also possesses particularly good skills in the production and design of riverboats. Chris Hugo has stronge Norwegian, Sami, and Finnish ancestry and you will definitely find traces through the details of the boats he has designed and produced!


Christer is Chris Hugo’s youngest son (he has a daughter who is younger) and has taken up the family tradition with brilliance so that he has now developed into a boatmaker of the highest class, as well as an extremely good fishing guide, despite his young age . Christer completed his first full season as a boat driver when he was only 14 years old. He guided full tours on his own, in recent years he has joined the Reisastua lodge family and enjoys the challenges of guiding foreign anglers in the river. Between guiding work he also found time to land over 30 salmon including some of the giant fish that the Riesa is famed for.


Jonny has been a guide for more than 15 and has been training in the Reisa for the last four years. His love of guiding has led him to start up a unique guiding company Wild Pursuits guiding focusing on fishing and hunting all over the world. we are lucky to have Jonny committed to our guiding team and bringing in his wealth of international experience, always willing to please and constantly learning the hidden secrets of the Riesa he will put you on the fish with a smile on his face. With his experience from guiding different species of fish in different destinations he is never afraid to think outside of the box to give you a chance at the big one.

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