The area surrounding Reisastua is an ice fisher’s paradise.

There are many well known and lesser known Arctic char lakes where big char are waiting.

Some of these lakes are easily accessed as they are situated on the approved snowmobile trail network.
Other lakes are located near the snowmobile trails and may be visited if you go by dog sled or on ski.

Our guides are well-acquainted in the local area and know the best fishing spots. We can set up a tented camp because if you want to catch a really big char it’s best to stay at one lake for several days. The best chances of catching a big one are often in the early morning. Arctic char often swim in big schools and when they are biting it is often possible to catch many fine fish in a quick succession.

This form of fishing can be exciting as it’s possible to lay on a reindeer hide look down the hole. It’s particularly exciting when a big char swims past because it doesn’t always take the bait. Ice-fishing up on the mountain plain can also be a social and exotic experience.

Even though we are in the Arctic region up on the mountain plain, some days it is possible to take off your shirt and sit bare-chested in the sun and fish through a hole in the ice. These are the days that are really worth experiencing.

After a successful day’s fishing up on the mountain plain, you can return to Reisastua Wilderness Lodge and savour the fish you have caught prepared by our top cooks. Many rate Arctic char as the best tasting of our salmonids.

But before this culinary experience, you need to enjoy a relaxing and wonderful soak in Reisastua’s spa section.

Photographed here is Sunee from Thailand on her first ice-fishing trip on the Finnmarksvidda mountain plain, just a short snowmobile trip from Reisastua. We congratulate her on her great catch.

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