Plant and bird life are among the richest in the region, because of the rich and varied geological bedrock. There are good conditions for both acidic and calcareous demanding species. There are a total of 525 registered vascular plants, and out of 230 Norwegian mountain plants, we find 193 in this national park. Here we also find Eastern Eurasian species of plants, with dense and fine hardwood along the river.

Birds of prey thrive in the wild mountainous areas, with rough-legged buzzard, golden eagle, hawk owls, kestrels and falcon. Sometimes also seen white-tailed eagle in the park. In all there are observed 140 bird species in the valley, including red-throated loon and black-throated loon. Of the more rare we find rare bean goose, lesser white-fronted goose and whooper swan.
Wildlife includes wolverine, lynx and fox. The Sami Njállaávzi name means fox gorge (njalla = fox). Fox is in clear decline. Predators have a good supply of venison. Also, brown bears may be encountered in the national park.

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