Reisastua Wilderness Lodge has an outdoor heated massage jacuzzi, which seats up to 10 people, and you will find the sauna just around the corner.

This is a great place to relax under the starry sky or the Northern Lights (in winter) and look out at the Reisa River while enjoying a glass of wine and a chat.

If you are very tough, you can spice up the experience by jogging down to the river for an ice-cold and refreshing dip or jump in the snow before you return to the warmth again.

This is a form of luxury, which our guests can truly indulge in.

After a trip by riverboat or snowmobile, it is a glorious experience to savour a good glass of wine in the outdoor massage jacuzzi. When the water temperature is around 40 °C, the air temperature does not matter much. Just sitting and savouring the peace and tranquillity in one of Europe’s last wilderness areas is beneficial for your health and provides a unique opportunity for personal contemplation.

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