Northern Europe’s most scenic waterfall?
With a hight of 269 m, it is a well-known destination for tourists.


There is always a nice rainbow under the Mollisfossen waterfall when the sun is shining, which provides the opportunity to take beautiful rainbow photos.

This is one of Northern Norway’s finest photo subjects. Therefore, Mollisfossen is a natural stop on our riverboat trips. We light a fire and serve freshly brewed coffee beneath the mighty waterfall.

According to ancient myths, there is treasure at the end of the rainbow. This rainbow is found under the mighty Mollisfossen waterfall and appears in all its beauty every time the sun shines. Visitors have the opportunity to take lovely photos in the spectacular nature.


After a long riverboat trip, we walk up to the Nedrefossen waterfall. You can cross the Reisa River on the fine suspension bridge, which is a bit exciting but also completely safe. The nature here comprises ancient pine forest as well as birch forest. We can find many types of berries in the forest along the river. Norwegian trekking association has a cabin here, which we can use in the event of inclement weather.

There are great views from the rocks of the big salmon swimming round in the deep pools of the river. You can try and get a salmon to take your fly or you can simply sit and enjoy the sight of the salmon swimming round right beneath the rocks.
We dare to offer a guarantee that everyone who visits here will see big salmon.

From the Nedrefossen waterfall, it is a short hike of less than an hour to the Imofossen waterfall, which is so spectacular that you have to see it for yourself!


Many people believe that Imofossen is the most beautiful and spectacular of all the waterfalls. It is located at the top of the valley and is the final stop for the Reisa salmon. The nature here is really wild and unique and quite simply this is a place you must experience. This photo is taken right above the falls. We can assure you that everyone who accompanies us here will remember the trip for the rest of their lives. The Reisa River has cut its way down in the mountain plain through the long and mighty Reisa Valley. There are large waterfalls here, of which Mollisfossen with a free fall of 269 m is the highest, Imofossen is a few kilometres further up the valley and Nedrefossen guides two rivers that meet in a narrow canyon containing a large number of giant kettles.


The Reisa Valley features many waterfalls for visitors to enjoy and photograph. One of these waterfalls comes out by the famous fishing spot known locally as the “pantry”, a name which confirms that this was an extremely good and reliable fishing spot in the old days. There are steep rock walls on both sides of the Reisa River, as well as big rocks and stones in the river. These big rocks have fallen down from the rock face and are now used by the big salmon as a stopping place and to provide protection.

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