Reisadalens still untouched natural areas and is truly part of “Europe’s last wilderness”. The wide variations in climate and bedrock valley offers a diversity of habitats and species. The inner part of the Reisa Valley are protected as Reisa National Park.

The nature is very special, with narrow valleys and gorges that cut down the large canyon in the mountain plateau. The main river and tributaries form a series of waterfalls. Best known is Imo falls and Mollis falls with its waterfall of 269 m

We use long riverboats and experienced guides who transport our guests into the Reisa National Park that starts at a place called Seima. Here we can enjoy a lunch just below Mollisfossen. The park has unique scenery and a rich animal and plant life. At the topmost point reachable by boat, we can walk to the Imo waterfall which is the final stop for the salmon that swim about 85 km to get here. Every year, tourists from around the world to experience this special valley with awe.

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