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Experience the last untouched wilderness in Europe.

The nature in Reisa National Park is very special. It is the narrow valleys and steep mountain sides in the innermost part of Reisadalen that form the national park. The main river and the many tributaries form a series of waterfalls. Most famous are Imo waterfall and Mollis waterfall, they make up 269m with waterfalls.

We use long river boats and experienced guides to transport our guests into Reisa National Park which starts at the place called Seima. Here you can enjoy lunch just below Mollisfossen. The park has unique nature and rich animal and plant life. At the top point that you reach by river boat, you can walk into Imofossen, which is the last stop for the wild axis. The salmon swims about 85 km to get there. Every year, tourists from all over the world come to experience this special valley.

Facts about the National Park

  • About 385 vascular plant species are registered in Reisa National Park
  • 122 bird species have been registered in the national park, including ducks, birds of prey, waders, owls and sparrows.
  • In Reisa National Park, there are rocks that are more than 2.6 billion years old.
  • The first people in Reisa hunted wild reindeer, and hunting facilities are common cultural monuments in the national park.
  • Along the reindeer migration routes you will find traps and shooting shelters.
  • The Nordkalot route, which is part of the European hiking route from Sicily to the North Cape (E1), passes through Reisa National Park and the Ráisdouttarháldi landscape conservation area.


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