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Our guides

Kristoffer Gaare

Kristoffer has grown up fishing and riding riverboats in the Reisa river and has received many great salmon. What sets him apart from many other good guides is his passion for helping others. Kristoffer is a fantastic fly thrower and happy to help others improve their skills. He has good humour so one day with him will give you a lot of a laugh and a lot of knowledge – and maybe a new big salmon. Kristoffer is the guide with the most salmon in the last two years.

Jonny Stephenson

Jonny has worked as a full-time guide for more than 15 years and has worked in reisastua in recent years. His passion for guiding has led him to the famous guide company Wild Pursuits. He has worked in many places hunting and fishing and we have been lucky to have him on our team. Jonny has many years of experience, is always willing to teach his secrets to you. With your good mood, your day with Jonny will be very enjoyable.

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Steffen has been riding a riverboat in the Reisa river for many years. He is particularly well known in the river of øver, but also knows the rest of the river. Steffen is a nice guy that our guests appreciate greatly. He has good knowledge of the Reisa Valley and will make sure you have a memorable trip on the river.